Sevilla en La Noche

Saturday, April 16, 2016

woman flamenco dancing in Sevilla SpainSevilla at nightCathedral in SevillaCathedral in SevillaSevilla at night

Andalucía, the region on the southern coast of Spain, holds much of what the world defines as Spanish: tapas, flamenco, and bull fighting. Naturally, on our first night in this beautiful country, we went to watch a flamenco performance. We went to one that was recommended by the receptionist at the hostel we stayed at. Classic to many flamenco performances, this one was located in an alley off the main road where there was seating for about 30 people, all facing a small stage. There is nothing quite like the energy from these four performers - a guitarist, a singer, and a female and male dancer - where each gave it their all. No holding back. Probably the most impressive was the singer who really knew how to project his voice over the guitar, stomping, and rhythmic clapping. Both dancers performed separately and together with such intensity and passion in each step, each movement, even down to their facial expressions. Flamenco is such amazing dance to witness. Afterwards, we wandered around for a place to have dinner and enjoyed the night view of the Seville Cathedral. Like anyone else would when they're in the country, we had some sangria with dinner. Even though it's easy to make, I've never had it before but I really liked it!

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