The Road is Home

Friday, May 30, 2014

It's been a long time since I've felt at peace. This won't last long, but this first half of the year has been...rough.

No, rough is too much of an understatement.

Classes were a nightmare. There were plenty of moments I wanted to quit, when pressure was too great and I broke into pieces, when I couldn't see an end  it all. The idea of failure when I no more room for error anymore was enough for me to push my life to the edge. Fear pushed me forward and held me back. Strong coffee became a must nearly every morning, which, for the first time ever in college, meant I never dozed off in class the entire semester. Sleep became a luxury; it was there but "high quality" sleep was hard to obtain. 

On the other hand, my life was full of more laughter and friends the past couple months than I ever had since college began. I am more comfortable with myself then I've ever been. I became friends with people who are in the same situations I'm in with classes. Before, I felt isolated and thought I was the only one. My world was flipped around when I stepped out of my element and when I became closer to a few friends.

College is about finding yourself and is a time when you should learn how to be comfortable with spending Friday or Saturday night by yourself. It's learning how to distance yourself from drama and expanding boundaries to discover and create opportunities for...anything. New friends, talent, relationship, academic interests, career, anything. For me, it's not the same. I have always been comfortable being alone and independent. Now it's time to go back to learn how to be social and push my boundaries. 

Enough with the serious talk, Stephanie. For those who follow me on my Instagram, you know I went on a once in a lifetime adventure out west for a week.  In 8 days, my family and I conqured 7 national parks, 1 state park, 1 Navajo owned park, plus Las Vegas and LA, through 4 states. That's what happens when you're part of a family who has a thirst for traveling! My parents literally traveled all over the world in their 20's, and I fully plan on doing the same with a camera in my hands.

Yellowstone, Canyonlands, Dead Horse, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon, Death Valley. 

A photographer's dream! Get ready for some incredible travel diary posts to come. This trip was, hands down, one of the two most amazing trips I've gone on, the other being the time my family self-toured a few countries in Western Europe. Southern France, Switzerland, Hungary, and Germany over two weeks time. Can't wait to do it again in the near future. Scandinavia? Greece? Spain? The Netherlands? I want to see it all.

And now, I'm here in Houston for an internship. This one has me anxious because it wasn't what I had been expecting (non-engineering internship again, how interesting) but my goal is quickly gain knowledge about the oil industry and network with engineers here. It's not the type of business I ever thought about diving into, but honestly I find the processes and hands-on work happening in the industry so fascinating and interesting, not the money.

Let's see how this summer and the rest of the year will play out. I have a bad feeling about certain things in particular, but it's all part of this journey called Life. Time to make the most of it, even when I want to return to the joyous parts of my past.

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