Black Booties

Sunday, December 15, 2013

When I'm bored with wearing tall boots, I go for the booties. The first pair was bought exactly a year ago from Mango in New York. The second pair, by Style & Co, was found at the mall on Black Friday. I've been looking for an ankle boot with a shorter heel height for greater comfort and longer wear, and now I have two lovely winter ankle boots!

My fall semester is finally over! Even though I say this about every semester, past and future, this one was of particular importance. I am forever grateful for second chances and my parents. A year ago, last fall semester, I had a problem and became a disaster. It was easily one of the lowest points in my life. Instead of destroying my already low self-esteem, like I expected typical Asian parents to, they helped me out of the hole through immense kindness and support, and now here I am - happier and little more confidence in myself. I'm not sure where life will take me, and at times I still have meltdowns and feel very alone, but everything happens for a reason; it just depends on if and I learn from each of them.

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