Before They Pass Away

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I just found the #1 item on my Christmas wishlist

Wist scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard, I came across a post with photos of indigenous people dressed in their beautiful traditional attire. Curious as I am about the photo project, I clicked on the accompanying link and was absolutely blown away by the stunning shots. Jimmy Nelson, the photographer, took the photos with a heavy 4x5 plate camera to capture the fine details of the last indigenous tribes while risking his life in the extreme conditions, all for a personal project. He is definitely changing the world, one photo at a time.

See more of his selected works on 13 of the 30 tribes on

He shows how beautiful our world is, where people work with Mother Nature, not against her and not trying to change her to satisfy the human greed like everyone else. But the world is changing so fast. Too fast. Is it not sad that we in the "modern" world have tried to change the indigenous ways, either directly by forcing them to modernize or indirectly through global warming? And to think that one day, the beauty of the natural world and indigenous tribes will only be a figment of our minds encased in photos.

There have only been a few times when I've had an absolute urge to buy a book. Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson is one of them. Definitely at the very top of my wishlist!


Speaking of Christmas, I'm not sure if I should post a wishlist here. I always have mixed feelings about wishlists, especially Christmas ones. I suppose it does help others figure out what they can gift me since I'm unpredictable, but do people actually end up receiving things off their wishlist? In my opinion, it doesn't seem like it because wishlists tend to be full of pricey items that most people can't afford for their friends and family anyway. After all, it's full of wishes and wants.

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  1. Oh absolutely breathtaking!

    I had the chance to see some professional photography printed using really amazing techniques in person and the photos looked phenomenal.

  2. wow I hope to see photos be professionally printed someday!

  3. They were so REAL and let you forget that it was a photograph. I was kinda blown away by it.