St. Louis, MO

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Saint Louis Art Museum is a lovely museum situated in Forest Park. Plenty of interesting artwork to see, everything from Medieval to Contemporary. The water lily painting by Monet and Petite danseuse de quatorze ans (The Little Fourteen Year Old Dance) by Edgar Degas were my favorite!


St. Louis Zoo

Inside the Gateway Arch

Missouri Botanical Garden

This botanical garden was definitely different from the ones I've visited. There are multiple sections to divide amongst varying global or thermal locations, including rain forest, temperate, Chinese, and Victorian.

In addition to traveling around St. Louis, which I must admit is a small big city, I also went on a one day trip to Chicago! 
Chicago travel diary coming soon!

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  1. that garden is so beautiful! and that cute turtle...

  2. I also love that fountain shot w all the water drops!!! Uber cool. (Overkill of comments.....)

  3. hehe it's all good! I'm glad you liked the photos!