Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jon and I did a one day trip to Chicago. What a beautiful, vibrant city! Much of it reminded me of NYC, my other home. Skyscrapers all around, busy streets, many tourists, museums and tourist attractions, shopping, and restaurants abound!

Cloud Gate, also known as "The Bean", by Anish Kapoor. 

I didn't know this before, but according to Wiki, the beautiful structure is made of 168 stainless steal plates welded together with the exterior highly polish to produce a seamless, reflective finish! As someone who worked with welders and has examined different welds over the summer, this just blows mind. Nevertheless, it's a fun and intriguing outdoor sculpture. Kid friendly, photogenic from every angle, and perfect for creative shots or just for self-portraits.

We went on the Chicago Architecture boat tour in the late afternoon where a tour guide explained the history and architectural influences of the many beautiful skyscrapers and resident buildings lining the river.

One of my favorite structures. Can you believe this is a residential building? A piece of great modern art.

The day ended with something I can finally cross off my bucket list - ride in a giant Ferris wheel! Jon and I decided to head to the Navy Pier at the last minute, a busy place at night with bright lights all around.

We didn't leave Chicago until 10pm and didn't arrive back in St. Louis until 3am. It was the scariest thing I went through because both of us were very tired, and anyone who has ever driven when drowsy knows it's not a good thing. Therefore I was afraid that we'd accidentally run off the road and crash. Jon did most of the driving, since my mind tends to wander and black out when I'm exhausted, but I couldn't sleep while he drove because I wanted to spot for him, in case he started veering off the road. Adrenaline "fight and flight" gave me enough energy to take over and drive part of the way.

There are a few other things I want to do in Chicago next time, but probably not another one day trip! Despite Chicago being the 3rd largest city in the US, here's much less touristy things to do there compared to NYC. I want to visit the Chicago Art Museum, which houses the largest collection of Impressionistic paintings outside of Paris! And more time wandering around, shopping

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