Red Coach

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lovely things I got from Coach last month on sale! The anchor stack rings caught my eye because small dainty rings are my favorite (and seem to be the hardest to find) and I love nautical themed things. The red Penny purse was from Orlando, Florida when I went there over 4th of July week. I have been eying Penny ever since it came out last spring. It's simple and small but roomy enough for my essentials, which is all I ever carry out these days. Due to the price, I never bought it. But then...over 50% off and it's from the original collection of last year!

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Coach purses because it's ubiquitous - I see way too many women toting them around - and I don't like logo patterns all over in general, with the exception of small purses and wallets, vintage Louis Vuitton bags, and the Louis Vuitton Noé. Otherwise, I have no desire to look like a walking billboard. However, Coach has been producing leather goods with their traditional hardware for the past few seasons that Coach is starting to look classy again! There are many of their products that I genuinely like now. Sometimes the simpler, the better. Let the color and style, not the logo, do the talking!

Has anyone else noticed that they revamped their website recently? Larger pictures, better layout, and products actually have links of their own now!

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  1. :DDDDDDDD I've been eyeing this one too! My mom wanted to buy me the apricot colored one (which was on sale at Macy's), but I don't have stuff that goes with that. I love the coach classics (all leather ones with no logo). And I also love this collection's tassel details!

  2. Love, love, loooooove that beautiful purse!

  3. I love this bag and am thinking whether I should get one or not! I think your post just sort my problem out :)