Flying High

Monday, July 08, 2013

Ralph by Ralph Lauren

The famous saying "good things come to those who wait" isn't applicable to every situation, but it sure rings true for me when it comes to shopping! For example, I've wanted a pair of aviators ever since the explosion of the aviator trend years ago. But despite the infinite number of styles by countless brands, both high-end and low-end, the frames always looked strange on me. Not wanting to go through "buyer's remorse" by purchasing a pair that I half-hardheartedly liked, I just patiently waited to find the perfect pair. And that's what I found in California! Expensive, but I don't regret them one bit.

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  1. Pretty! I think most aviators fit me. But for other styles like cat-eye or just plain ol wayfarers only designer ones look good. Maybe I should consider spending my giveaway winnings on some sunnies?

  2. wahhh what kind of giveaway?! do you get to pick anything out of a shop? The tricky thing about buying sunnies is that you want to try them on before buying...might look good online but not so much on your face.