Cali Trip Diary: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Saturday, June 01, 2013

It's been almost two weeks since I mentioned that I'll be doing posts on my trip to California! I apologize. I'll throw the blame on my internship, which started the Monday I arrived back from Cali, and exhaustion after coming home from work (a 7am - 3 or 4pm work schedule doesn't sound like much, but it takes a good deal of concentration and thus drains my energy).

But now...onto my adventures! First stop was the Monterey Bay Aquarium!! What a beautiful place, unique in comparison to the Georgia Aquarium.

This unique tank showcased an impressive school of fish (sardines, maybe?) swimming in a tight circle

At the top where fish and other friends are fed

The aquarium has an ocean view deck that looks out to the beautiful Monterey Bay

 The Secret Lives of Seahorses was my favorite exhibit. I've loved these creatures for as long as I can remember!

The Kelp Forest Exhibit was serene. Such a lovely shade of gold

A baby sea turtle!

Honestly, if I lived near Monterey Bay Aquarium, I'd become a member and go whenever I have a chance. That's how much I loved it. There's so much beauty to take in, especially with photo opportunities!

Afterwards, Jon and I drove to Carmel, a neat little city. Perhaps it was where we were in Carmel, the cold windy weather, or our tired selves, but Carmel wasn't so appealing to me. Definitely reminded me of a larger, more vibrant version of a cutesy tourist town - plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars, souvenir shops, clothing boutiques, art galleries, and home decor and furniture shops. Maybe it will be more appealing to me when I have a nice amount of disposable income and/or when I'm my parents age, but Carmel was uninteresting. And expensive. Or maybe I was just tired and didn't find window shopping appealing that day.

I can't get over how beautiful the highway is out here in the west. It's a great change of scenery compared to the forests, and occasionally rolling green pastures and mountains, lining the East Coast highways.

Monterey Beach by the Old Fisherman's Wharf harbor

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  1. oh my beautiful pictures! kelps aka brown algaes! (all the lovely plant biology memories...) i love seahorses too!! ahh the highway really is beautiful. ill probably let my dad drive so i can take lots of pictures! :P

  2. thanks! yes, it's a great change of scenery!! you'll love it