Cali Trip Diary: Universal Studios and Disneyland!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Disneyland, a place where dreams come true!

For dinner, Jon and I ate in New Orleans Square. I've had classic Southern food enough times in my life, but I rarely get to try coastal Southern food. I ordered gumbo, a classic dish from Louisiana and great salmon.

Jon wanted to try fried sandwich. It was the first time I had a non-traditional fried food, and was really good! Eating my way to a heart attack. Welcome to America!! #YOLO

At night, we watched the Fantasmic water and light show and fireworks synched to music.

The car used in "Back To The Future" series


IT'S SO FLUFFAY!!!! and yes, Mr. Fluffy Unicorn came home with me! I hate how flight passengers are only allowed one carryon and one personal item. I packed for two weeks of adventure time using a carryon suitcase. Therefore the unicorn just barely fit in my bookbag I brought with me. 

Jon and I went to Universal Studios and Disneyland on weekdays. Surprisingly, both parks were packed, thanks to tourists and families with little kids. The wait in lines was short though, normally under one hour, maybe because it's not their "prime season". What was slightly disappointing about both parks was the lack of crazy roller coasters. I seriously thought there would be really good ones at both parks, but nope. We should've gone to California Adventure, which is right beside Disneyland, or Six Flags, too. It's definitely more fun when you're a kid! The young  and innocent life. But it was great revisiting my childhood and visiting the different parks in Disneyland, seeing backgrounds and buildings from Disney movies and cartoons come to life! I love the cute Disney merchandise, too! I wish I could buy them all!!

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  1. teacupssss yeahhhhh

    annnnddd all the cutesy things i could buy!! :D

  2. Girl, that plate of fried food looks soooooo good!! Jealous!