Cali Trip Diary: Los Angeles

Sunday, June 09, 2013

The trip to LA took 5 hours on a straight shot highway (the I5), aside from the curved route through the mountains nearing the city.

I'm sure Californians think I'm crazy for posting pics from their I5 highway, but look at it! so lovely!

The day we arrived, was mostly focused on Hollywood and some walking around at Rodeo Drive. We only planned for those few things, which previously I thought wouldn't take long, but it turned out to be just right because traffic took longer to get through than the amount of time we went sightseeing...

We had planned to do other activities in LA besides Disneyland and Universal Studios (coming up in the next post!). I forgot why but Jonathan shaved off the extra day we were going to spend in LA, like Santa Monica and LA County Art Museum, but everything worked out in the end. I guess that means more places to go the next time I visit in California!

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