Springspriation Wishlist

Monday, April 01, 2013

L non-tacky lace dress, but bascially her whole outfit
R Simple maxi dress H&M

White stainless steel/silicone  watch
On sale(!) and I really want/need a watch. It's not just a fashion statement, I prefer telling time using a watch rather than my phone

Gold with colorful woven detail

Small colorblock satchel

Simple Rings
1. Crystal vintage rings
2. Infinity ring
3. Branch with green amethyst ring
4. Heart ring
5. Bow ring
6. Fox rings
I love very simple, delicate, thin band rings. Anything else, especially chunky statement rings, look odd on my fingers.
L Elle and Jesse
R Thirstythought

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  1. I want that watch!!!! Yeah I definitely need to be less dependent on my phone. I also needs delicate rings like those you have. I favorited a whole bunch on etsy a while back but all the ones I like are kinda expensive :\