Atlanta Weekend

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Last weekend was the most amount of fun and joy I've had in a while. Jon happened to be in Atlanta for a few days over the weekend. Which means he was only a few hours drive away from me instead of an 8 hour flight. Which means it was the best opportunity for me to see him before May, even if it's only for 2 days!

We first hit up my family's favorite Japanese sushi buffet, Nori Nori. So many delicious, fresh, and authentic Japanese food to eat! Unfortunately I have a small stomach (literally, which sucks even more when I get full just off beverages), so I didn't nearly as much as I wanted to have.

Next was the Coca Cola Factory!

Did you know that Coca Cola manufactures specific drinks that can only be bought in certain countries/continents? In the tasting room, you can try them all! Some were a bit nasty, some very tasty. And of course, in another area, you can try the 100+ types of "traditional" Coca Cola drinks, including all the Cokes, Diet Peppers, Fantas, Mello Yellows, etc.

This looks just like what I've learned in class!! We went through a working exhibit that demonstrated, on a smaller scale, how Coke is made from start to finish. At the end, everyone got a free glass bottle of Coke! 

And of course the Georgia Aquarium, an impressive place for anyone who likes animals! It was the largest aquarium in the world when it opened in 2005. Impressive, huh?

Seadragons definitely ranks as my top favorite sea creature!

What a playful beluga whale

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  1. I was in Atlanta a couple of days ago, as well! Cute photos, Steph! You and your boyfriend are adorable. :)

  2. YOU GUYS ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER (I think I've said that like 23947987548532984789 times hehehehhe) and the fishes too!!

  3. The Coca-Cola factory looks cool! would love to go there one day...really enjoyed all your photos! ^_^

  4. These pictures are awesome and now I also want to go to the aquarium :)