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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My other study desk

More practice with freelensing and reverse macro lens shots (read about on my how-to post). So much pink!! I'm not actually a fan of girly pink, but this shade in particular is so perfect. The roses and lilies from my Valentine's bouquet have slowly withered and died, but the carnations are still looking pretty happy. Do you like my faux plastic champagne glass "vase? So perfect and fitting! I found it when wandering around the library basement for a place to study last week.

sorry if the colors look over-saturated! The photos are exactly how I like them, but for some reason when I use other computers to view my photos the colors are unusually strong. I've tried calibrating my laptop, but it doesn't seem to fix my problem. Mac maybe?...if I become pro and had the money.

I've been feeling better about myself lately. Happier, lighter. But I'm still trying to adjust to a better sleep schedule, eating regularly at standard hours, and not waste so much time on the internet.

Atlanta trip on Friday and Saturday to see Jonathan!

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  1. Ohhh looks wonderful!!! I dread photographing colorful flowers just bc my colors are always off. :\

    Yay for self-esteem boost!

    OMG YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE (I'll comment this on every post from now on hehehehe)