A (Mostly) Black & White NYC

Thursday, January 03, 2013

I had one amazing week in the great New York City! Lots of picture taking and walking! I've never been to so many touristy places with a few days, but I did get to go to places that I haven't gotten a chance to go to before, like MoMA and Top of the Rock!

So many places! And some shopping too! ;) MoMA and the Met were very nice. saw famous paintings that I didn't even know were at these museums. Basically, MoMA can be done in about 2 hrs although the Met can take about a day if you want to visit all or the majority of exhibits.

I think for tourists, after hitting up all the touristy places, next thing that's really left is the numerous museums, shopping, eating, and Central Park (due to its vastness). Oh, and some that NYC nightlife, I suppose ;)

I wanted to post some of my favorite photos in black and white for a different vibe; instead of viewing them in color, stark black and white forces our attention on elements that we wouldn't notice when there are colors to distract us.

What's my next adventure? California, I hope!

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  1. wow looks like you had a good time, I'm so jealous!! >:]

  2. :D SO AMAZING! I soooo need to go!!!!!!!! We should all go together and visit lots of shopping places ahhh. Anyway. I want to go to Cali too! I'll probably also visit some dental schools & my bro :)