Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Other little gifts my mom got me from France. Funny story - in the hotels she stayed at, she saw that they had a bunch of jams stored in little glass jars for hotel travelers to use at breakfast. So instead of eating them at the hotel, she decided to take some (actually, 12) jars of various flavors back to the States for me for me to use. bwahahaha I love my mom!

sorry if my thumb looks really awkward in the first pic. I'm double-jointed at the thumb, which is probably the worst thing for me as a musician to get over because it took me years to strengthen and train my thumb muscle and joint (idk the proper terms) to not collapse when playing violin and piano :(

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  1. HAHAHA azn moms at their finest! :P

    lol this is the first time i noticed your thumb...