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Friday, August 03, 2012

Kaohsiung Science and Technology Museum - huge museum, but the main exhibits are so-so. Out of all the science and/or technology museums I've ever been too (which is a lot), this one was the blandest and most confusing to find out where exhibits are located. Gorgeous architecture though, and I did further my knowledge.

Kaohsiung Area - where the 2009 World Games were held

Hanshin Department Store

I never buy from Taiwan's department stores simply because even though all the merchandise costs the same as they would in the US (maybe slightly more), they are hella expensive in terms of Taiwanese dollars. Knowing that I really shouldn't spend all of my internship payment during my time here, I went in to Hanshin with $200NTD (roughly $6.50USD). After glancing at a list of the numerous brand name stores and cosmetic brands, I decided to take some time and have a little fun. "Fun", as in go into lux brand stores or ask for makeup recommendations, because I rarely get the chance to do that in the US.

At this one particular place on the upper floors was a few counters lined with numerous pretty perfumes. I've never found one that I've absolutely loved. They always seem to be too strong, too mature, too lady-like (I'm not ready for that yet), or have strong floral notes. I asked the sales lady for something fruity and suitable for 年輕人 (literal translation - "young person/people").
Summer Perfume

Burberry Summer 2009, Banana Republic Wildboom Vert, Lanvin Marry Me!

My favorite was the Banana Republic Wildbloom Vert, which came out a few months ago. It seems so summery and fresh! I would've bought it on the spot if it wasn't so pricey - $50USD for 50mL. The two others are amazing too! but they're more for daytime and spring/summer. Someday I'll buy all three~

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  1. Looks like you are having fun! That fish looks like its flying in air!! :O

    Aww nice perfume advices...since Sephora opened, I went to smell a lot of them with Pri lol. There's also a chart of diff kinds of scents...and a quiz thing you can do. lol. i actually really like the Thierry Mugler ones. Never smelled them before...