Korean BBQ Night

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Last night I went with some Kaohsiung TTT interns to 東大門 restaurant in the Central Park area. It's an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ place for $450 ($15USD) per person. Completely & totally worth it!! Dorothy decided to tell the waitress to order every type of meat on menu. If you look in the photo above, it's everything under the first section of the left panel. AND she ordered some seafood!

We finished everything though!! I've never eaten so much in my entire life! I was so full that my stomach hurt, even when I got back to my dorm, AND I skipped breakfast today because I was still feeling full.

For desert, we had two types of marshmallows: American and Chinese. The American one was two giant, fluffy marshmallows on a stick in which we roasted over the grill (yum). The Chinese one was a set of small, hard, dough-like squares that we put on the grill to heat up. That softens them enough to eat, and because the squares are tasteless, we then dip them in some thin Asian icing to sweeten them.

Before we ordered our food, the waiter told us that there is a 2 hour limit for eating. Well, guess what? We arrived at 7:30pm, and even when it hit 10pm, no one kicked us out, even though we were just chilling at our table swapping stories. Right before we went out the front door, someone noticed a wooden platform and hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) hanging on a rack. We then spent 15 min putting the clothes and getting situated before FINALLY leaving at 10:30! haha! oh yea, the restaurant (normally) closes at 9pm :P

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