Just a Manic Monday

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today was horrible to the point where I wanted to cry.

Just when I thought everything will be able to go smoothly with the research project and start collecting data, Faith and I get stalled by a massive problem we have little control over - the machine that's a major component to the project breaks down just as we figured out, through trial-and-error, the right conditions for our samples to use it in. We ended up needing to go to another building to use their machine, but it's temperature is much higher then the previous one and no one around there knows how to read that machine's pressure... What we need is more time. Too much waiting goes on for each step to finish!!

This morning, it turns out that all the cells in the cell culture room were contaminated with viruses over the weekend. Super frustrating for everyone, especially since the majority of people in Dr. Wang's lab have been diligently growing cells for the past few weeks. 

And of course, on top of all that, I was extremely exhausted the entire day. I stayed up really late to find good journal articles to report for tomorrow's meeting. But what probably killed my typical mellow morning attitude was that I didn't eat breakfast. I had to concentrate really hard on today's portion of the project (we can't afford any more mistakes), and I was fighting to keep awake. I never want to do that again.

But it's amazing how one phone call can change everything. At around 11pm, my friend (whom I'll refer to as J) calls me, telling me that he saw my Facebook status about how disastrous today was and wanted to know what went wrong. Although J doesn't know the details about my project, he works as a researcher and understands my frustration in working with bio-related stuff. Which also means I can ask him advice on how to deal with such research problems.

I just really appreciate how instead of texting, sending me a Facebook message, or even commenting on my status, he just went ahead and called. I like to talk, especially if something interesting happen. or if I had a really bad day and I just want to rant to someone. Maybe it's just me, but I feel as if this advancement in technology is causing us unintentionally to build a invisible barrier between friends, an invisible communication barrier. Texting and instant messaging has allowed for people to "talk" without ever needing to be face-to-face or hear the voice of the other person. The majority of people have insecurities with appearance and not having the guts to say something in person, so they end up doing so behind a electronic device. But no matter what, I always feel closer to people when I can hear their voice and/or talk to them upfront, even if it's through a webcam. Everything is known instantly and no second-guessing emotions from the other party. I like communicating the old school way - by phone.

idk why, but I'm someone who will keeps negative emotions bottled up until it makes me sick and have a meltdown. But once I feel like opening up to someone, I'll keep talking if the person is willing to listen. 

p.s. -  I apologize if my grammar is off or something doesn't make sense. My brain is exhausted.

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