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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2. Necklaces
3. Fedora

I felt like splurging on something, so since I love bags, I bought the Happy Bag that was on sale. It's so cute! I normally don't like Dooney & Bourke's bags because they tend to look old fashioned, but I really like their designs for this season. The shape of this bag is similar to the flat crossbody bags that girls like to use such the popular Coach Swingpack. But often times I see people stuff them to the max so that it looks pregnant... You might as well be using a larger purse! The good thing about the Happy Bag is that the top is flat but is tapered so that the bottom is about 2 inches wide. Perfect for those who have a lot of "essentials" to put in. lolz.

I finally have a fedora! ♥ The bold floral print is very summer-y :) 

{excuse my awkward left arm...}

Lately I've been searching online and in stores for the perfect maxi dress, and this is the one!! It's so comfy and pretty, simple but flattering. Unfortunately it's not so perfect from behind because of my thighs and awkward butt, so I didn't buy it :(

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  1. lol I wanted to get a fedora except my head is already too looks bigger whenever i wear something on my head -.-

  2. i like what i see ;)