It's a Craving

Sunday, April 15, 2012 in a craving for summer! School has been extra tough because I've been getting lazier and cramming more. idk I want to do well but I have no motivation to study.

In other news, I can't believe that in 3 weeks I'll be done with freshmen year! Time really flies. Soon I'll be graduating and embracing the real world. Hopefully I'll be able to do most of what I want to do before I get a job. I guess I'm just afraid that I won't be able enjoy most things that I can now when I leave college.

But I digress...

I'm excited about summer! I literally have the important things already planned out, because it will be hectic when the time comes. One of them, as some of you know, is that I will be in Kaoshiung, Taiwan for nearly the whole summer! I was accepted into the Taiwan Tech Trek program and into my first choice as an intern for the Fragrance & Cosmetics Department of Kaohsiung Medical University. It's one of the best unis in Taiwan and I want to go into this industry, so I'm super excited. But more importantly, I feel extremely blessed that I got into the program. It's hard enough trying to get an internship as a first year engineering student. On top of that, I'm not the typical genius Asian. So there I was competing against other Asians, who I know are smarter and have a more impressive resume than I do, for a chance to intern at Taiwan's top universities, museums, government agencies, and companies. Luck is on my side, and I hope it continues to grow for me.

Kaohsiung is the red part of the map. I will be in that small section right by the ocean. That's Kaohsiung City, the 2nd largest city in Taiwan. Which means there should be plenty to do when I'm not working, like going to the enormous Dream Mall, the beach, Kaohsiung's night market, and museums. yay I'll be close to the ocean for the 3rd year in a row! I can't even remember the last time I went to the beach with my family...maybe 5th grade??

oh, the funny thing is that even though the internship is paid, the amount is considered a lot in Taiwan but when converted to USD, it's only half of my plane ticket! *cries* I hope this my "costly" internship will be worth it in the future... I hope to visit some of my friends that I made in Taiwan last year. My AID teaching partner from last year will be in Taiwan over the summer too!!! Hopefully I won't have to spend a lot to go see her because I think she'll be in Taipei. Riding the high speed train only takes an hour from Taipei to Kaohsiung (normally a 4 hr drive), but costs about $50 USD -.-

My parents bought me a new camera and it finally came in the mail on Friday! I'm working on a review for it. It's the Panasonic Lumix LX5, a point-and-shoot because I need one. Literally. Now I can make videos, so I hope to string together a bunch of clips for a video of my trip. Even though pictures can speak my journey for me, I feel that sometimes, when done right, videos show more than the photo and emotions & first impressions are expressed more clearly.

Speaking of cameras... on Friday I looked up some automatic Pentax lenses on Ebay because I was weary of using the manual 50 prime. It turns out that manual lenses listings outnumbered automatic Pentax lenses so much! And the automatic lenses were unreasonably expensive. Either I'm one of the only young people who use this brand, or everyone else loves and has a Pentax film camera (my dad does lol). So I went to check on Pentax's website to see what types of lenses they have. I was surprised to find that they have a smaller selection of lenses compared to what Canon and Nikon have. what a fail -.-

Yea, I really can't wait to get done with school. I'm almost considering to become vegetarian because the food here sucks and I have to eat all the sodium high, trans fat high, calorie high crap that the cafeteria serves. I eat a salad every day, but I need to put a bit a dressing on it so it's not too dry, which defeats the notion of a healthy salad because the dressing is loaded with fat and calories. I also plan to do morning runs so I can turn my fat into muscle. But I hope I won't gain it back when I eat all the glorious food in Taiwan!

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  1. sounds like loads of fun + congrats on the internship + camera! :D