Friday Fotos

Friday, March 02, 2012

The weather has been bi-polar. Yesterday it was sunny and beautiful. 75 degrees! Today, it's cloudy and a bit chilly.

After classes, I went around the west side of campus to take pics. The sun came out a few times, but disappeared very quickly :( I love taking nature and macro photos, which means squatting down and twisting my body around to get a good composition. This means awkwardness because I know the people walking by were staring at me... because how many times in your life do you see a person bending over to shoot moss or clovers? eh, I just pretend they aren't there.

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  1. Pretty!!! I need to take more pictures at USC

  2. Looking at your photos reminds me of the first time I wore glasses and thought "OMG THE WORLD IS IN HD"

    Loving how you're putting the world in a different perspective ^^

  3. thanks guys! <3

    @Daniel - haha, the world in HD! :D

  4. LMAO @ Daniel's comment. XD Reminds me of sixth grade when I first got my glasses...