Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I think Valentine's Day posts are the only ones I actually blog about on the day of the holiday. Despite it being possibly the most ironic subject I ever write about (because I don't, or at least have yet to, celebrate it), I still like to compile some pictures that I've seen throughout the year or what I love - beautiful things. 


ok, so you probably don't think Totoro is beautiful, but I still love Totoro. He's a big, fluffy, loveable guy, and my childhood friend. hehe :)

For Valentine's Day
1. ASOS Drape Dress
3. Steve Madden Pumps

My style exactly, plus natural-looking makeup and loose curls :) Except in reality, I'd only splurge on the dress because until I have a job, I'll be using my extra money for college and necessities. This dress is so worth it!

I wonder if couple break up on Valentine's Day... that would be horrible.

Anyways, have a beautiful day!

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