I Wonder

Friday, February 10, 2012

Last night I dreamed that I was late to my own wedding.

It took place in a church. It was nothing grand - the walls were white, the chairs were a musty green, there was fluorescent lighting (eww). No flowers, no vivid colors. The pastor and my fiance stood halfway down the isle so I didn't need to run very far. There weren't many people there. I didn't see any of my family members or relatives there, but maybe I didn't notice them because I was frantic about being late. I turned to face my fiance and told him that I forgot something (my veil). I don't remember his face (I wish I did!) but he was Asian. and handsome :) I spy my neighbor, who's an old lady and good friends with my family, sitting in the back in her wedding dress with her veil on... I asked her why she was wearing her wedding dress, but she didn't give me a clear answer. We proceed to the small vanity room. Again, it looked old (not in the elegant way) with dim, yellowing light. I explain to her that I forgot my veil and needed to borrow hers. She reluctantly gave me her veil and wrapped it around my neck like a scarf.... and then I woke up because I overslept...

Here's what's weird - nearly everything about the wedding is opposite of what I'd imagine my wedding to be.  First off, if I were to get married, I'd prefer to have it outdoors, not in a church or a room. Doesn't matter if it's under a canopy or out in the open. I love nature for its beauty, so why not have a beautiful wedding outdoors? If no theme, there would be a nice color scheme, not nasty old faded colors. I'd somehow incorporate orchids in because I absolutely LOVE orchids. And then I highly doubt I'd be late to my own wedding or forget something. Being late for classes and not finishing assignments on time makes me paranoid, so I'd try my best to make sure everything runs smoothly at my wedding.

And now the dress. In my dream, it was strapless, which I'm ok with. But it was plain and stiff. It's design reminded me of origami inspired fashion, like the examples below -

Elie Saab Collection
Isabel Toledo tube jacket

...although the dress in my dream didn't look so lovely.

If I were to get married, I'd want a dress that's light flowy. Perhaps tulle with a touch of lace. It would be incredible if it was a Vera Wang or Elie Saab dress!! But it would also be incredible if I were willing to spend that kind of money on a dress...

What did the dream get right? My preference of guys and that it was a small wedding.

 To be honest, I have absolutely no idea why I had a dream about a wedding. It would the absolute last thing on my mind because I was frantic about amount exams, homework, and projects that occurred within 3 days (3 tests in a row -.-).

My dreams are almost always drawn from my daily life, focusing on whatever is on my mind. Sometimes it's about an important test I don't feel ready for. Other times it was about an audition or a place I loved traveling to. Everything tends to be normal - no mutant people, no random strangers, no random superhuman powers. I almost always recognize where I am, and things tend to not be out of place. Although I do have to say that dreams where I have super powers are amazing! Like the time I could breath underwater. Nightmares, which are rare, occur when I'm not taking part in it. So it's like watching a scary movie play out in my mind. Nevertheless, dreams are forever fascinating!

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