Can I have some?

Sunday, February 05, 2012

I learned how beneficial a caffeinated drink can be for 8am and 9am classes. It turns out that drinking red tea only makes me a little bit awake while a small cup of mocha latte keeps my brain clear and eyes wide open. very important for chem class when I learn new material...

I spent the week writing an important essay for a summer program. Writer's block had never hit me so hard. I managed to write a good essay though, but I hate it when I'm so focused on trying to make the first draft the final draft. I'd write a paragraph, read over it, delete sentences, change words. Write next paragraph, stop mid-sentence because I try to think up a euphemism or a synonym so I won't sound repetitive, reread, rewrite. And this goes on and on, which is annoying. I'm a decent writer, but when I need to write something important that requires appropriate sentence structure and words, I get too caught up in thinking about how to write it. Blog posts are easier because I can write whatever's on my mind.

3 tests in a row next week, and I'm totally not ready. I wish I didn't need sleep. I could do so much more, and it's not because I procrastinate that I don't have enough time in the day. oh well.

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  1. Aww. I have psych and math exams next week as well. :\ Lulz I've only been writing for writing assignments in college...nothing all that creative and original app? But I care about not using repetitive words and good sentence structures and stuff when I write the first time as thing is, I can never write anything at night because when I read it in the sounds like crap haha.