A Look Back on 2011

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wow, I have to say that this has probably been the most eventful, stressful, and exciting year so far! Emphasis on the eventful part. Every month, there was something important going on, mainly high school, choosing a college, graduating from high school, AID, and college itself.

{I know everyone seems to do a post, whether its on their blog, tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc. on a reflection of the current year and how he/she hopes the next year will be even better. This is basically my life story of 2011, so if you don't like reading about lengthy ramblings, then you can read about what I hope for next year ;D }

I read my December 31 post from last year and, uh, it definitely summed up my life for that year. I thought I'd do the same for this year.

January - February

  • Submitted my last college applications by New Years day. And I still clearly remember how I wrote at least 10 essays within two weeks during winter break. I burned way too many brain cells during that period.
  • High school is still as busy as ever. IB teachers don't believe in lessening the workload just because us seniors have finished applying to colleges -.-
March - April
  • I find out all the colleges I got into by March. Some of the acceptances were surprising, others were expected. Too bad I couldn't even ponder over a few of them because the financial aid package wasn't good enough T__________T
  • Spent most of spring break visiting colleges and studying for AP and IB exams. 
  • The last week of April was extremely stressful because of deciding which college would be best for me. My parents took this VERY seriously even though a lot of people they talked to said that the college you attend isn't that important.
  • FINALLY decided what college I'll be attending
  • AP/IB exams the entire month. But that also meant that I went to school for maybe a total of about 5 days
  • Prom. It was pretty fun, although it didn't meet my expectations since, uh, Southside is a poor school and other stuffies
June - July
  •  Gone to Taiwan!!! It was seriously the best summer ever. I made many good friends and went on my own adventures around Taipei. 
  • Got to know more about myself
August - November
  • College: stressful and fun 
  • Created an awesome video for a major English project. I learned that Windows Movie Maker is pretty good, but lacks in giving the user more control in effects. And it crashes and won't let me cut multiple videos at the same time. Nevertheless, I'm very proud of it and what my group put together. I discovered that I enjoy editing videos, but the path to get to the finished product can be torturous if you finish it all in one nght... I worked on this for 9 hours straight throughout the night.
  • I met some of the most interesting engineering majors...
  • Procrastination is almost a thing of the past! :)
  • Final exams. I studied like a madman, although I really slacked when it came down to my last exam (the Intro to Engineering). I didn't start seriously cramming until 5 hrs before, but at least I got a higher grade than I expected. Still QQing about my Econ grade.
  • I had the best time in NYC!!! (Posts from my trip are coming along... slowly.) I've pretty much decided that I wouldn't want to live in Manhattan unless I had a high paying job. But I'll buy a condo or studio and chill there when I want a vacation.
It's been such a great year. For one thing, you know how people say that it's better to have a few good friends than many friends who aren't that great? Well, I'm glad to say that even though I don't make friends easily, I have some of the best friends ever! Too bad a few of them live on the other side of the country, but at least technology brings us together :)

So now for what I hope in 2011
  • Learn to love what I don't love
  • Communicate my thoughts and ideas more clearly
  • Be more social
  • Network

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