Saturday, October 15, 2011

I recently bought a Moleskin sketchbook! I got this one instead of a regular Moleskin because I read reviews on how the paper from the sketchbook one is like thin bristol board, which means it's thick enough to even use some watercolor on and still not warp the paper. It turns out that it's true! Well, I haven't tried using watercolors on it yet, but I'm excited that no matter how much ink I put on the paper or how much pressure I put on the page, it doesn't show through the back of the page at all!!

Here are some of the sketches I did this week. Please keep in mind that I haven't actually drawn or sketched anything in well over a year, so they aren't superb or anything.

Can't complete a post without my baby Teddy! ♥

I saw this comment as I was browsing through youtube videos...
"Bruno Mars had a Grenade, and Tiao Cruz had Dynamite, so they both threw them at Katy Perry who exploded like a Firework. The bang was so loud that the Black Eyed Peas forgot The Time, while Rihanna had memory loss and ran around saying Whats My Name.Eminem looked around and said Im Not Afraid, then Willow Smith began to Wip Her Hair, which started a Far East Movement. They then crashed their G6 into a club and stopped Party Rocking. Luckily for Nelly it was all Just a Dream"

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  1. It's TEDDDYYY <3 <3 <3

    Your post just made me want to be an art minor even more. Hehehe. Having something else to do other than hardcore science-ing in life is pretty awesome.