Sunday, September 04, 2011

This is the epitome of why I absolutely love cinematography and want to get into it. The acting is bad in some places since it's a serious convo between two people, but the gorgeousness totally makes up for it.

My thoughts on the video - having memories of things that never existed almost seems like daydreaming to me. Sometimes it can be so vivid that you could tell someone and you could convince that person and yourself that it happened when it never did. Of course, having a memory of something that never existed is easier if you have been to the place before and such. But I like to create new settings and different people in my mind. It could be such a sad memory that it makes me want to cry. Or it could be an anxious memory about walking around Manhattan by myself (which hasn't happened yet, but I could BS my way through telling someone how that went). Granted that real memories are better than made-up ones, but still, wouldn't it be interesting to have a memory that doesn't or hasn't existed?

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