Majoring in Photography

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Within this past month, I have been asked by a few people about whether or not I want to major, or even minor, in Photography in college. My answer? No. Here's why: over these past few years, I've come across many people online who take incredible photos but they aren't professionals or photography majors. I have come across blogs of medical and engineering students, such as Miaoyuan Wang and Jean Fan, who are talented photographers. Then there are the self-taught pro photographers whom I highly admire, especially Zhang Jingna and Tori. In other words, I know that I can still pursue this hobby without feeling restricted and being constantly criticized by a professional as to how my photos should be composed. Trust your own judgment, and learn through trial and error. Besides, I've gone on the sites of famous art schools in the US to check out their student gallery for Photography, and they aren't that great.

In other words, what's the point in majoring in Photography when it's possible to create beautiful compositions (pics) by doing it yourself? I honestly don't think that taking photography classes will be able to help you develop your own style. A person has to constantly take pictures and they can learn how to better compose their shots by studying other photographers works, but not just through photos by pros from National Geographic. It's by viewing the photos by everyone: bloggers, fashion photographers who make photoshoots artsy, talented amateurs, etc. I guess the good thing about majoring/minoring in Photography as opposed to being an independent photographer would that you'd have access to all the expensive studio equipment, like those flash umbrellas and reflectors.

And then there are the photographers who think they're great, but aren't. They don't have an eye for photography, so while their photos may seem pretty to the general public, they seem pretty bland to someone who has eye for aesthetics. Maybe it's the lens they use... Basically, I'm talking about the students on Facebook who create their own fan page under "*insert name* Photography". It's funny when I browse through their pics and photoshoots because most of the time, they aren't good, but their friends all comment on the person's album/photos, saying "You're a talented photographer!" "I love you're work! They're very pretty!". Umm, yea, the photos look great because the person heavily photoshopped it and decided to put a colored filter on the photo. Otherwise, the photos are so...normal. Nothing special, nothing that catches the eye.

I'm not saying that I'm a good photographer, because I'm not. I don't have much time to take pics. But I just find it funny when a person thinks they're awesome at photography when in the real world, they aren't. It's good that they're trying their best, butttt...from their pics, they still aren't that great. Good luck to you peeps.

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