Sun & Flowers

Saturday, March 20, 2010

whee it's the 1st day of Spring! and the weather is beautiful outside.
btw, only the last pic is edited.

Because it's springtime, I can open the windows and screen doors for fresh air without having to worry about mosquitoes or flies wandering inside. Warm breezes, green, flowers, birds. :D mmm.

woot I can't wait to go to NYC next week! I haven't been back there for 2 years. It's going to be lots of fun :)

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  2. beautiful photos! :) I'm also glad for the fresh air of spring! I'll miss you over spring break, so have lots of fun in New York!! *huggles* ^__^ are you going to stay at a hotel there?

  3. glad you like them.
    I'm staying in a hotel for a few days with the ppl in my orchestra, then I'll be staying at my grandpa's place.

  4. :O i remember you were trying to show me your grandma's place last time on google earth or something right? :D

    great pictures!! i need to start taking pictures since its spring now :)

  5. haha yea i remember. google earth pretty cool. (it was my grandpa's place btw.)

    thanks :)